mfh systems GmbH supports young professional golfers

 „Lukas Gras (22) is a friend, role model and advertising partner of mfh systems GmbH because his will, talent and motivation are a perfect match for our company. Top performances in sport have the same degree of difficulty as top performances of the employees of a company. That’s why we fit so well together!“

(Achim Nierbeck, shareholder of mfh systems GmbH)


mfh systems is a technology company. Technical innovations are responsible for new solutions and therefore our company goals. All employees of mfh systems work to ensure that people feel comfortable in their rooms and feel how important comfort is for their own performance, domestic well-being, the community and their health.

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In addition to promoting popular sport, we support young, performance-oriented talents on their way to professional sport. Golf is a popular and competitive sport in America, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Spain and many other countries. In Germany, the number of golfers is growing year by year. Almost one million people play in a golf club in Germany.

Lukas Gras, 22 years old, is a golf talent! At the age of six he accompanied his brother and father to the Osnabrück Golf Club. At a young age, Lukas constantly developed at the side of his talented brother and as an amateur played a handicap of + 4.8. In 2017, he became German champion of amateurs in the hole game, for his ambitious training under PGA Professional Wolfgang Huget. He followed in the footsteps of Martin Kaymer, who became German Champion in 2005 at the first edition of this game. After graduating from high school in 2015, Lukas completed his business studies in the summer of 2018 and decided to become a professional golfer. This year he plays his first season on the ProGolfTour – the 3rd league in Europe. In 2019, the ProGolfTour will host a total of 22 tournaments from Egypt via Morocco to Poland, the Czech Republic and Central Europe and it is Lukas’ goal to find himself in the upper third of the table at the end of the season. Nearly 200 European top golfers fight for the top positions! The first five will be promoted to the 2nd league of European golf: the ChallengeTour

Learn more about Lukas Gras on his homepage. There you can also find the link to the current score of his tournament games and there he answers questions and describes his experiences in the first professional year: www.lukasgras.de