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The BASIC EPS 30 system fulfils all the basic principles of a modern surface heating: The 30 mm-high system elements can be installed as floor, wall and ceiling heating, and ensures a pleasant heat distribution thanks to the 0.4 mm thermal conductive panels made from aluminium.

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The aluminium panels are factory-glued to the heating elements using the insulating material polystyrene, and the pipe ducts are inserted at intervals of 166 mm. As a result, quick and simple laying is possible.  

Various superstructures are possible thanks to the compressive stress of the integrated insulation of 200 kPa. The system can be combined with all common screeds. In dry construction, it is usable with dry screeds and even (almost) direct laying of the floor covering onto the heating elements is possible.

Benefits System BASIC EPS 30

For system providers

  • High flexibility in all application areas thanks to low number of system parts
  • Quick and simple laying through only one laying distance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


For craftsmen

  • A system for all applications: Floor | wall | ceiling | heating | cooling
  • Aluminium and polystyrene are glued together at the factory
  • Omega-shaped pipe ducts and safety beading on every thermal conductive panel