Low superstructures for every construction project

System IDEAL TOP 15 – system elements with only 15 mm height  
The IDEAL TOP 15 system is especially suited for construction projects with limited installation heights.

This is possible through the use of a thin 12 mm heating pipe. The IDEAL TOP 15 distinguishes itself though a high thermal capacity, as it features the advantages of the IDEAL EPS 30 system: The thermal conductive panels made from aluminium are factory-fitted to the subsurface insulation, and furthermore the pipe ducts have the tried and tested omega shape.

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For simplified handling on construction sites, a permanent pipe distance of 150 mm has been selected. IDEAL TOP 15 comprises of two system parts: Heating elements and combination elements (only half of which are deflection elements and edge construction panels). Thanks to the reduction of system parts, it has also been possible to optimise the logistics. The dimensions of 1,200 x 750 mm are adapted to Euro pallets so that more than 120 m² of floor heating can be transported on one single pallet.In combination with STRONGBOARD FL (5 mm) or the CompactFloor PRO (10 mm) thermal conductive layer, the new IDEAL TOP 15 system reaches an overall height of just 25-40 mm (incl. floor covering).

Benefits of system IDEAL TOP 15

For system providers

  • High flexibility in all application areas using only a few system parts
  • Optimised logistics: More than 120 m² of system panels possible per Euro pallet
  • Technologically attractive product and continual further development


For craftsmen

  • Simple to lay floor heating with a low installation height
  • Aluminium and polystyrene are glued together at the factory
  • Omega-shape pipe ducts and safety beading on every thermal conductive panel