Heating foil for ceiling, wall & floor

The E-NERGY CARBON system is a trend-setting electric panel heating system for new buildings and renovations.

The E-NERGY CARBON system consists of only 0.4 mm thick heating foils, which can be installed quickly and easily. As radiators and convectors become obsolete, there are completely new possibilities for interior design. This means that space can also be created in confined spaces by replacing bulky old radiators with our thin heating foils.

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 Two variants – many advantages

E-NERGY CARBON is available in the following two variants:

E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE is a diffusion-open, fleece-laminated and adhesion-optimised PET foil. Its perforation makes it ideal for plaster systems and levelling compounds for ceiling, wall and floor installations (fixed installation). Unlike other foils, E-NERGY CARBON FLEECE does not consist of individual layers, but is homogeneously melted in a patented manufacturing process. This eliminates the possibility of long-term defects caused by the detachment of individual layers.

E-NERGY CARBON PET is a special film-coated, abrasion-resistant and mechanically resilient PET foil for floating installation of laminate and parquet.

Safe connection with 36 Volt

Our system works with a protective low voltage of 36V in the heating foil and is comfortably controlled by the E-NERGY room thermostat with modern Smart Home technology. The connection is completely safe thanks to the E-NERGY CARBON transformer with safety extra-low voltage (SELV). Internal safety temperature monitoring is just as much a part of the range of functions as the connection of a floor sensor and a radio chip for connecting a radio controller.

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Benefits of System E-NERGY CARBON

Benefits of system technology

  • Low installation height of only 0.4 mm
  • Flexible installation in floor, wall and ceiling
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Cost-effective due to low investment and economical consumption
  • Durable thanks to patented manufacturing process
  • Safe low voltage technology (36 V) 



  • fleece laminated and adhesion optimized by perforation
  • Optimized for plaster systems and fillers
  • high heat output and fast heating up



  • Special foil coated
  • Abrasion-resistant and mechanically durable
  • especially for floating installation under laminate and parquet flooring